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We use the very best vehicles, both in terms of comfort and reliability.  It’s our opinion, but we love Mercedes, other people concur that they are both reliable and comfortable so they obviously fit the bill for an elite service provided by EliteXecutive Travel.


We have both saloon and estate vehicles (up to 16 seats) so you can be assured that you’ll not only reach your destination in style but you will arrive comfortable and refreshed.  For larger parties we also have a range of luxury mini buses (up to 16 seats) so please feel free to contact us regardless of your party’s size.

Wait, won’t all this luxury cost the earth?


No, put simply we’re cheaper than you might think, our prices compare favourably to our competitors find out for yourself and contact us now on 01656 857793 for more details.  You won’t be sure of the best price until you come to us...